Daz and Kurupt

Daz Dillinger recalled his past friction with Dogg Pound member Kurupt, after he re-signed to Death Row Records in 2002.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Daz revealed that he was the one who reached out to squash their beef.

“I reached out to him. He wanted to reach out to me, but I reached out to him,” he said. “It was all Suge Knight (makes a talking in your ear gesture)…

“Was was bigger than that. Let’s get this thing back together. We ain’t never hurt each other. We could have, could’ve been a lot of that, but we never did that,” Daz continued. “My focus was on Suge Knight, and catching him slipping.”

Daz goes on to explain that Snoop Dogg assisted in welcoming Kurupt back.

“That’s our brother Kurupt,” he says. “It’s Tha Dogg Pound. We run this motherf*cker. We got too many songs to be not doing nothin’.”