Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most iconic sports figures in history, and has build a brand around his name. Unfortunately, he doesn’t own the rights to it in China.

Back in 2012, he filed a lawsuit against a company called Qiaodan Sports, claiming it had built a business around his Chinese name and iconic “23” jersey number without his permission.

Earlier this year, a court ruled in favor of Qiaodan in the trademark dispute, which was recently upheld by the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court, an official for Jordan tells Reuters.

Michael Jordan isn’t giving up though. He plans to take the trademark dispute with the Chinese sports firm to China’s supreme court.

“In light of the trademark dispute ruling, we intend to appeal to the Supreme People’s Court for retrial,” a statement to Reuters read, adding that a separate case with Qiaodan Sports over naming rights was still ongoing.

Jordan is known as “Qiaodan” in China.