Game’s TV Crew Strikes, Says Lives Are In Danger

The Game

Game’s upcoming VH1 dating show, She’s Got Game, was reportedly derailed recently… after the crew went on strike because the rapper pulled a gun.

According to, the Compton rapper was filming the show in New Orleans in early May, during a performance at a nightclub where he threatened Young Thug on the mic.

Sources from production say Game grabbed a loaded gun from his bodyguard’s holster and waved it in the air… and that’s when the crew freaked out.

A day later, Thug replied back with a video calling out Game, and in the background of the clip, Thugger’s friend is waving a pistol… and that was the last straw for the crew.

The crew has told producers that they will no longer shoot the show, because they feel their lives are in danger.

Stay tuned…

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