Curtiss King

Block Party LA took over an entire city block on Union Pacific Ave, Los Angeles, California on over the weekend (May 9th), for their second annual music festival. The one day event hosted community wellness stations, art galleries, and was headlined by notable independent artists including Talib Kweli, and Terrace Martin.

During the event, we caught up with one of the hardest working independent rapper/producers in the industry, Curtiss King, who was also on the bill.

What’s different from Curtiss King from Atychiphobia and Curtiss King in 2015?

Curtiss King from Atychiphobia grew up, he grew up not just as an artist, but as a man. There are certain things that I think all of us as artist we look to attain in terms of being able to take care of our families, but we put a lot of things on hold, especially as hip-hop artist. So, I had to really sit back you know, I left the label I was on and really had to reanalyze life. I had to figure out what is it that I can do to make this baby I cultivated for as many years as I have, how can I make this something I’m able to live of off. I decided to sit back and reanalyze my decision making and even the way I made music.

What can’t you be in the studio without?

I need my food, give me food and I’m able to have the ability to have these thoughts come to me. Energy too, you can’t be in the studio with someone sucking up energy. So, what’s essential for me is good food, staying hydrated and making sure you got great energy around to bring out the ideas that you need to making amazing music.

When it’s all said and done what do you want people to remember about Curtiss King and his music?

I want people to have the same feeling I had when I experienced Sade’s music. When I say that I mean I want my music to be therapy, I want my music to be something that when it’s all said and done there are generations and generations of fans who said “your music had an actual impact on me”. I really want to have an impact and push music to its boundary and do what I can to help people understand you aren’t the only one going through the things you’re going through.

Photography by Rob Lee/