Collecting sneakers is a passion for more than one million Americans. From celebrities in music, athletes, and fashion icons, to artists making statement sneakers for staple brands like Nike and Adidas, sneaker collections can vary from those of us on a quest to find the rarest and most coveted kicks worth thousands, while others of us may be looking to complete a more modest Jordan collection of shoes from the past 25 years. No matter the level of collecting intensity, what we all have in common is that we are sneaker enthusiasts who appreciate the invested time, energy and resources – aka $$ – that go into the trek and journey. We stand together on a quest to complete collections, and find pride in owning kicks that have both monetary and sentimental value.

While the sneaker community continues to gain traction (the launch of Kanye West’s Adidas line at Fashion Week 2015 ring a bell?) the need for one, convenient, platform for us to come together in a community environment has been in high demand. There’s great sites that give you the inside scoop, of course, such as BallerStatus, but what we want to introduce to you is a site, and app, that provides the ability to buy, sell and share the stories behind your sneaker collections all in one place. That place, is Gemr. (

Gemr is a brand new app/online community, where users show off their collections, via a platform that merges the functionality of eBay, Pinterest and appraisals all in one location. And the appraisals are crowd sourced, which means you have the ability to rate the kicks you know so much about.

Gemr is for collections that span beyond just sneakers, however knowing the community is key. There are Club pages established – from streetwear and sports memorabilia to classic gaming and comic books– which are created by collectors who specialize in these categories.

The site, which launched in January, is quickly gaining attention and followers. It’s a must-have addition to the apps on your phone and for your daily search – you can go there to post your collections and new additions, learn about what others have found or acquired lately, and connect with like-minded people. Since it’s social, there’s no restrictions to where you live and since it’s free to sign-up, everyone is welcomed.


“Sneakerheads are spearheading trends on Instagram and Twitter to show off their kicks, migrating then to other platforms for marketplace features. Gemr streamlines this process in an all-in-one social marketplace that combines the benefits of existing sites, and also introduces proprietary features only found on Gemr,” says Nate Keen, Sneaker Community Curator of Gemr. “Because what’s the fun in finding your next footwear conquest if you can’t show it off and share the story of how you landed that pair?”

Gemr’s social handles are as follows:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.