Manny Pacquiao

After Manny Pacquiao revealed in his postfight news conference that he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. with what was later revealed as torn rotator cuff, he has been criticized the way he handled the injury.

Some fans have even filed a class action lawsuit against the boxing star, who accuse him of hiding the injury for money.

Over the weekend, boxing analyst Max Kellerman offered his opinion on the controversy, saying he didn’t believe Pacquiao actually deserves the blame. He argues that Pac-Man didn’t have any good options, and postponing the fight for a year to get shoulder surgery, would’ve given him an even worse chance to win.

“I think some people have the sense that Manny Pacquiao sold out for the money,” Kellerman says. “And by fighting with a torn rotator cuff, not giving himself the best chance to win, he somehow perpetuated a fraud on the public. I strongly disagree with this. A dilemma is not a tough choice; a dilemma is a choice between two bad options.

“What was Manny Pacquiao supposed to do three weeks to go before the fight when he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff that needed surgery? Was he supposed to postpone the fight? So 12 months off — he was already off for five months — he was supposed to come back after shoulder surgery and a 17-plus-month ring absence to fight and try to beat Floyd Mayweather? Does that give him his best chance to win?”

Kellerman goes on to say that Pacquiao “manned up” by fighting hurt and that postponing the fight risked it ever taking place.

“When all the tickets have already been sold, the hotel rooms have been booked, the airfare, etc., the eyes of the boxing world hoping to see this fight and this event. What did Manny Pacquiao do? He manned up. He said, ‘If I can get a shot a toradol in my shoulder, I can go through with this fight. I think that gives me the best chance to win.’

“By the way if he postpones, there may never be a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Who knows if Mayweather is even still active 12 months-plus into the future.”

What do you think? Was it Pacquiao’s best choice of the options he had?