DeAndre Jordan

Discussion over the dreaded Hack-a-Shaq strategy continues.

If you’re still unaware of what it is, it’s a strategy teams adopt against other with poor free throw shooters, in which intentional fouls are committed against a player like Shaquille O’Neal, who shoots under 50% from the line, over and over again. It’s makes the game slow and boring.

While it may be effective, at times, players don’t seem to like it.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden recently expressed his displeasure over the Hack-a-Shaq strategy.

“Personally, I don’t like it,” Harden said after their recent Playoff game against the Los Angeles Clippers, where the Rockets mercilessly fouled L.A. center DeAndre Jordan throughout the game. “But I guess different coaches have their different philosophies on the game.”

Jordan is a career 41 percent free-throw shooter in the playoffs, and went 14-for-34 on Sunday night.

The Rockets committed 40 fouls in Game 4, putting the Clippers on the line for 63 free throws, who made 37 of them.

Coach Kevin McHale said the Rockets employed the strategy because they were forced to go with a small lineup after Dwight Howard got into early foul trouble.

“We were just trying to see if we could muck up the game a little bit,” McHale said. “We just thought maybe we could get them out of their rhythm a little bit.”

Still, the Clippers won the game 128-95.