Glasses Malone

Kendrick Lamar recently collaborated with fellow Los Angeles rapper Glasses Malone on the Watts rapper’s latest single, “Thuggin.”

In a recent behind the scenes clip, both rappers offer commentary on their long-time relationship and the inspiration behind the new song.

“Way before the world knew me as Kendrick Lamar, I was K. Dot, just rapping and hoping I would get my feet wet in the game,” Kendrick recalls. “I was a fan of Glasses, when he was with black Wall and I heard him rapping with Game. Top Dawg introduced me to him, I was like ‘damn, I finally met Glasses’ he had the mixtape out, killin’ the streets. It was just an honor to sit there and watch.

“When you can walk around and get respect from damn near every neighborhood in Compton, every neighborhood in Watts, because you went out there and claimed your name, that goes a long way,” Kendrick says. “You can never misrepresent that in the industry, people will spot that.”

As for “Thuggin,” Glasses explains why he’s a thug.

“Because I stand for what I stand for with force,” he says, rationalizing his statement. “If I don’t like what you’re doing, I’ll say something openly, that’s what makes me a thug. I’m a thug by that means. I do have a purpose, so then it becomes funny because most thugs don’t have a purpose.”