UFC x Reebok

Back in December, the UFC announced a six-year partnership with Reebok. This week, the MMA promotion released a compensation plan that outlines how the funds will be distributed to its roster of fighters.

According to ESPN, fighters will receive sponsorship compensation based on the number of fights he or she has appeared in under Zuffa-owned promotions, which includes the UFC, Strikeforce and the WEC.

Separated into tiers, the compensation plan breaks down like this:

1-5 fights: $2,500
6-10 fights: $5,000
11-15 fights: $10,000
16-20 fights: $15,000
21+ fights: $20,000

Also, if a fighter is challenging for a UFC title, he or she will receive $30,000, while champs get $40,000.

The UFC says that all revenue from the Reebok deal goes to the athletes. The deal, which extends through 2020, is reportedly worth $70 million.

“Obviously, we are a private company but I can tell you this: All of the revenue we are receiving from Reebok is being distributed to fighters,” said UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. “Now, I’m sure you guys will be doing calculations and math, trying to figure this out, but when you start to look at the number of events and number of fighters, the number being distributed is significant.

“We essentially looked at compensation tiers so that they are based on the distribution of the revenue that is coming through the Reebok contract. The only revenue that is not included and being distributed to fighters will be used to cover direct operating costs of this program.”

Per terms of deal, UFC athletes are no longer allowed to wear outside sponsorships to the Octagon, or non-Reebok sponsors to fight week-related appearances, such as press conferences.