Young Thug and Game

The Game now has beef with Young Thug?

The rapper performed in New Orleans on Tuesday (May 5), during which he cut the music on his set to offer some choice words for the upcoming Atlanta rapper.

“My n*gga [Lil Wayne] ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just been Hollygrove, n*gga,” Game in a video, captured by BallerAlert. “Westside in this muthaf*cka! Anybody f*cking with Tune got a f*cking problem with me. I will f*ck Young Thug up… on Piru, n*gga.

“Now come to California. Do that sh*t,” he continued. “I dare a p*ssy n*gga to walk through California and say, ‘F*ck Wayne.’ I’ma do a n*gga like I did 40 Glocc… And if a n*gga wanna problem, that n*gga gonna get his ass smoked.”

Later, Thugger took to Instagram to reply, mocking rumors that have long-plagued Game over the years. “See you used to be a crip, now you a blood. So, I don’t want no smoke with you, you got bloods and crips on your team. And, you was a male stripper once before, so I don’t want to fight you, I don’t want no germs from you, p*ssy n*gga. And, I’m in California more than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he the Governer f*ck n*gga.”

The Game saw the clip, and replied, warning him to watch his mouth. “Just seen your little video, you hoe ass n*gga. You paint ya nails like a f*cking girl, you call your n*ggas ‘bae’, and you a hoe ass n*gga. Keep f*cking around, n*ggas gonna drive by that nail shop and light that motherf*cka up.