Kawasaki recently invited our team out to a day of riding at the Perris Raceway in Lake Perris, California, where our writer/photographer Karen learned how to ride a motorbike for the first time.

Participants were provided with protective gear from head-to-toe and a customized jersey, before each was matched up with a Kawasaki KLX 110 or KLX 140 bike for the day.

To get familiar with the two-wheelers, instructor Tim Rice taught the basic techniques and maneuvers to get started. Then, it was time to test our skills on the oval track, where we learned how to switch gears and use our body weight to weave in and out of cones. Once these skills were mastered, we were allowed to take it up a notch and try our luck on the main course that professional racers use throughout the motocross season.

Check out our photos from the day above and watch the GoPro video of our riding experience below.

Photos/Video by Phillip Cendana