Jay Z

Forbes usually breaks down the finances of musicians, but Billboard now offers their list of the year’s highest paid musicians.

One Direction sits atop the list with $46 million, thanks to their “Where We Are” stadium tour, which was attended by more than 3.4 million fans over the last five months.

Jay Z comes in at #9 on the list with $22 million, thanks most to touring, while just over $1 million came from publishing and streaming profits.

Coming coming behind is wife Beyonce at #12 with $19.6 million — nearly $15 million from touring and around $2.7 million from album sales.

Eminem chimed in at #20 with the “highest streaming royalties on this list” and the second highest publishing, according to Billboard. He also picked up $5.2 million in touring, adding to his $11.9 million total.

Drake found himself at #21 with an estimated total of $10.6 million, while Rihanna lands at #32.

Check out the full list over at Billboard.com.