50 Cent appeared on ESPN First Take on Friday (May 1), where he offered his prediction on this weekend’s big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

When asked, he chose Mayweather, whom he recently reconciled with.

“The energy surrounding this one is big,” 50 says. “He needs to hear me say that also, that he’s going to win to put that into his actual head. Floyd doesn’t know how to lose.”

Fif goes on to explain that his “beef” with Floyd was more like a family feud. “Brothers and sisters argue with each other,” he says. “If you’re younger brother is the biggest fighter in the world, who tells him what to do?”

Later, he also said Pacquiao “might get that Marquez,” referring to the devastating knockout he suffered in 2012 at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez.