How Much Did Tech N9ne’s Verse From Eminem Cost?

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne has landed one of his dream collabos, a guest spot from Eminem on his Special Effects album cut, “Speedom (WWC 3).”┬áBut, how much did it cost the indie rap king?

In a recent interview with BET, Tech said Em’s verse didn’t cost him a dime. According to the rapper, the rap superstar wanted a verse in return.

“[Eminem] did the verse for nothing but a swap,” he revealed. “I was flabbergasted cause I know it costs so much to get Eminem and he’s worth every penny. For him to say, ‘I just want a song from you for this,’ that made me feel really beautiful that he felt like that about my music…

“I haven’t spoken to this guy since early 2000s or something, and it’s just wonderful how that worked out,” Tech continued. “The fact that he feels like my music is that good that he would wanna do that for me is incredible. For one, do the song for me and then say, ‘No no no no, I just want you to give me a song for this.’ I’m like ‘Yes!’ That feels so good man.”

Although Tech was able to secure an Eminem feature, there’s still a number of other hip-hop greats he’d love to work with one day — including Jay Z, Lana Del Rey and OutKast.

“I still want to do something with Jay Z ’cause I sent him one on this [album], but he couldn’t do it at the time,” he explained. “OutKast, if I could ever make that happen. There’s a lot of people I still wanna work with, Jonathan Davis (from Korn), Trent Reznor, Alanis Morissette, Lana Del Rey, Gary Clarke Jr., Collie Budz, I got so many ideas man.”

Special Effects is due out May 4th.

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