De La Soul Talks Kickstarter Campaign, Calls Major Labels “Slavery”

By Staff  |  04/29/2015

De La Soul

Legendary hip-hop group, De La Soul, launched a Kickstarter campaign in March to fund what would be their first studio set in over a decade.

The trio initially set a goal of just $110,000, but to date, have raised nearly $550,000.

Entitled And The Anonymous Nobody, De La Soul sat down with Vlad TV to discuss the strategy, calling it the "best record deal" of their career... and furthermore, criticized the major label system.

"It's not about being broke or anything like that, we're not out here begging," member Dave said. "We're giving the opportunity for the fans who want to be involved in this record, fund this record and have us put it out. We've worked on this record for some time now. Of course, we've had to fund it ourselves to do some things. We're not going to be on a Koch or a major record label, we don't want to do that anymore, that's slavery."

Elsewhere, the group discussed the initial goal of $110,000 and that it was a blessing to see their fans support, while saying they hope other artists will follow their lead.

"Hopefully, what we're doing and the success of what we're doing it will definitely resonate with others and they'll be able to do the same," Maseo says. "This is the new way of doing business, actually the labels are trying to figure out this system."

Head over De La Soul's Kickstarter page here.