DDTV: Treach Addresses Status Of Naughty By Nature


In episode #2 of our Digital Dynasty TV interview with rap legend Treach (of Naughty By Nature), he discusses a few topics, including the status of the group.

Back in May 2013, the rapper revealed that group member Vin Rock had been “fired” from the group. So, two years later, has anything changed?

“We had some things that had to get resolved on the table… and it got resolved. It’s all business,” Treach said. “You got teammates, sometimes, that’s on the same team, they may not feel each other. At the end of the day, you going out to win. That’s what we doing. We kinda renewed our contract.”

Elsewhere, Treach talks about his new collective, Naughty Nation, why there’s an expiration date on hip-hop artists, and longevity in the game.

DDTV was created by Tha Advocate to add a visual aspect to the Digital Dynasty mixtape series. DDTV is a joint venture between Tha Advocate, Ballerstatus.com and Monstar Films. It aims to give you a personal look into some of hip-hop artists’ lives and careers.

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