Mountain Dew DEWShine “Rebel Spirit” (Ad Spot)

Mountain Dew DEWShine 'Rebel Spirit' (Ad Spot)

Mountain Dew takes a look back at its roots for its latest concoction, DEWshine.

A little backstory: the first batch of Mountain Dew was actually made in the backwoods of Tennessee by a few rebels who poured the beverage into glass bottles. This inspired the brand’s latest drink, Mtn Dew DEWshine — a clear, citrus DEW, made to pay homage to the ones who helped make the brand what it is today.

It also served as the inspiration of its latest ad spot, which you can check out above.

Mtn Dew DEWshine dropped in select markets in late March, and is now available nationally in 12-oz. single serve glass bottles and 4-pack 12-oz. glass bottles.

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