Key To The Apple Watch’s Success Will Be The Apps

Apple Watch

It’s been a busy week for tech. In fact, it’s been a busy world on social media. So much so, the Apple Watch has barely trended. That’s been left to 1Ds Zayn (#heartbroken), Jeremy Clarkson’s sacking from the BBC, and Taylor Swift, who’s been buying up porn domains. But actually, it’s been a pretty busy week for wearables too.

The announcement in March posed a complete game-changer in the world of wearables, and with 38 models hitting the market, it’s going to be some release on April 24. With more details revealed this week, we’d be surprised if the Apple-addicts hadn’t begun to queue outside the stores already.

That’s because apps have already started to land in the App Store. That’s not necessarily because of the apps that have landed, but the broad scope of them, which suggests we could almost get anything on the watch.

Apple Watch

After the big reveal in March, Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst for IDC, said of the watch: “In the end, similar to a smartphone or tablet, what will make smartwatches relevant are the apps available. And, what will make them appealing is the design and the quality of the hardware that runs those apps.”

Which is true, but with the likes of the New York Times, Twitter, and Yahoo Tourney Pick’em, the range of apps is seemingly fairly similar to that of mobile, and with the latter could prove very important.

You see, gaming has grown phenomenally on mobile, with consumers buying devices on how they perform with high-quality games such as Call of Duty and long session games, including particularly mobile casinos, where people are spending hours playing.

Call of Duty on iPhone

It’s unsure whether that will transpire into the wearable realm, but for Apple, and indeed developers, it’s something which isn’t worth the risk, and it’s only a matter of time before games hit the watches whether successful or not.

When the device lands in North America, we can expect to see mobile apps, particularly puzzle ones such as Monument Valley and Cut The Rope, and that’s right alongside casino games. Take Royal Vegas Canada games, they’ve become a major part of the industry, with playing on the go one of the most popular platforms, so a move into smart watches could only enhance that further as operating systems become more and more sophisticated.

It could mean that playing poker or blackjack whilst keeping an eye on the time could be a thing of the future. Like anything, it’ll take time to become the lifeblood of our lives, just as the iPhone is, but be sure it’ll certainly take off.

We can expect plenty more to be announced over the next few weeks, which we are more likely to hear and see trending. Well, unless Harry, Niall, Liam, or Louis decide to call it quits…

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