Inside The Cockpit Of A Formula DRIFT Car

Inside The Cockpit Of A Formula DRIFT Car

Formula DRIFT took the streets of Long Beach, Calif. over the weekend, from April 10-11, 2015.  The two-day event brought experienced drifters on the road to the annual Pro Championship. We were fortunate enough to experience the route the drivers would be racing, via a ride along.

Our driver Vaughn Gittin Jr., the 2010 Formula Drift Champion, took us for a spin in his 2015 Mustang RTR and showed us how it’s done.

With GoPro as one of the main sponsors of this event, we thought we would bring along our own GoPro along to capture our experience for our readers to see what it feels like inside the cockpit.

Check out photos of the experience above and the video of our ride along below. For more information on Formula DRIFT and future events, visit the official website here.

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