Young Thug Posed Nude For “Carter 6” Cover

Young Thug - Carter 6

His Carter 6 album is on the way, and if you follow Young Thug, then you saw the controversial cover he unveiled earlier this week.

Complex spoke with the photographer of the shoot, Sandy Kim, who revealed that the Atlanta rapper posed nude for the album’s cover art.Β Despite the final product, Kim says Thugger was hesitant to do it, refusing at first before she too got naked to make the photoshoot happen.

“Young Thug had an idea for the concept and he also wanted someone young and new to shoot his cover,” she explained. “His team reached out to me, and I said, ‘Of course.’ I’m a huge fan of his music and he’s definitely pushing boundaries in rap musically and aesthetically. I wouldn’t have done it if our visions didn’t line up and he wasn’t down for the type of aesthetic I normally bring to my work.

“When I got to the set he and his team had ideas, I brought some of my own ideas to the table,” Kim continued. “I asked him if he would be down to get naked and he was like ‘F*ck no, I’m not getting naked, you get naked!’ Artists should totally be down to commit to the vision they’re asking for, so I got naked and then we shot it. The experience was great, his team was shooting dice on set.”

When asked about people reading into the way the text is stylized and positioned on the cover, Kim says that’s what they wanted.

“[I] wasn’t involved that much on the graphics side, but they did send everything to me to sign off on,” Kim says. “I think you are meant to [infer] phallic imagery, definitely. A lot of the concept was from Thug. If he didn’t have something like this in mind, I don’t think they would’ve reached out to me. There are more images to come, but you’ll just have to wait until it drops.”

Young Thug’s Carter 6 is scheduled to drop April 17.

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