Christina Milian On Lil Wayne: “He’s The Sweetest, I Love Him”

Christina Milian

Are Christina Milan and Lil Wayne a couple or not? Neither have really confirmed or denied the rumors, but the singer recently shared her infatuation with the rap star.

During an interview with Big Boy, the radio host tries to trick her into answering questions, in which he calls Weezy her “man” and “boyfriend”… getting nothing but giggles.

But, Milian does say the two get a lot of private time to themselves. “With us, with Wayne, honestly, he’s not a public kinda guy,” she says, before pointing out his infrequent social media use. “He really is studio, skate park, eat, studio, skate park.”

Later, Milian says “He’s the sweetest. I love him.”

When asked about the ring on her finger, she says: “It’s not an engagement. It was just a sweet little gift, a nice gesture.”

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