Tech N9ne Says He Turned Down A $60 Million Deal

Tech N9ne

With Tech N9ne set to drop his Special Effects album in May, the indie rap king stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote the project and its accompanying tour.

During the interview, T9 revealed that he and his partner just received a $60 million offer for their Strange Music imprint… but ultimately turned it down.

“Somebody just called and offered us $60 million, and it wasn’t enough. I can’t say who it was,” he explained. “I talked to my partner Travis [O’Guin], and he’s like, ‘Man, with what we about do this year, $60 million ain’t gonna sound like nothing.’ And, I’m like, ‘Yea, you right.’

“All I know is I was on the Forbes list for $8 million, so I dunno. We do ok. I’ve never turned down $60 million. This is the first time we did it. It was really easy, we laughed about it…”

Tech also goes on to explain how he built his indie empire, why Special Effects is his best album to date, and more.

Special Effects is due out May 5.

  1. Damn tech, you are crazy. You need to think about retiring at some point lol. I doubt he will ever make 60 million. 2pac wasnt worth that much more than 60 million which is 80 million with inflation.

  2. My dude, he’s got an asset that got a $60m bid. He’s fine, and you’re thinking like a McDonalds employee. With inflation.

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