Splitarillos Introduces Two New Cigarillo Flavors

Lifestyle brand Trendsettah USA, headquartered in LA with a warehouse and office in Miami, introduces two new flavors from its signature cigarillos brand, Splitarillos.

New additions include 18K Gold, made with a honey-maple syrup base; and LOUD, an ultra sweet flavor profile.

“The ultra sweet LOUD flavor profile is the equivalent of adding French vanilla creamer to your coffee — a smooth, sweet experience,” said Bill Schoep, VP of Sales for Trendsettah. “18k Gold offers a unique flavor with its hints of honey and maple syrup.  We’re confident that our customers will enjoy these new experiences and we look forward to continuing to offer innovative flavor profiles.”

With the addition of two new flavors, the Splitarillos brand offers a total of 11 flavors, ranging from Black Label to Rozay Wine to Pineapple.

For more info, visit the Trendsettah USA website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.