Golden State Warriors

StubHub has filed a lawsuit against the Golden State Warriors and Ticketmaster, accusing the two of conspiring to create an illegal resale market by telling season-ticket holders to only resell through their platform.

According to ESPN, the suit alleges that the team has informed season-ticket holders should they resell their tickets through anything other than Ticketmaster’s exchange,, they will have their ticket privileges revoked.

This also included not being offered playoff tickets to the season in which they had already purchased season tickets or not being invited to purchase season tickets for next season.

The threat worked, says StubHub, who claims that listings for Warriors tickets, which is currently the hottest ticket in the NBA, are down 80 percent in the past year.

“If the anti-competitive actions complained herein are not stopped, Ticketmaster is likely to seek to replicate them with other teams,” the suit said. “As a result, millions of Americans will be held captive to a monopoly secondary ticketing exchange.”

The Warriors and Ticketmaster have had a relationship since 2012, but have gotten restrictive and adamant about selling outside of their platform this season, as the Warriors have the best record in the league.

“We’re not trying to be the industry pariah, but when actions like these are associated with the business impact that we’ve seen, and the outcry comes from fans who are saying ‘our hands are tied,’ we are left with no choice,” said StubHub’s general counsel, Michelle Fang.

The core of the lawsuit is that the Warriors and Ticketmaster control of both the primary and secondary markets.