Dr. Dre’s Ex, Michel’le, Says He Once Tried To Shoot Her


A week after appearing on The Breakfast Club and recalling her abusive past with Dr. Dre, singer Michel’le revealed another unbelievable incident with the producer.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the former Death Row Records signee claims he attempted to shoot her in their home in a fit of rage.

“I had black eyes. Oh, I was getting dragged on the floor, shot at… yea,” Michel’le said. “One night we was arguing, he went and got the gun, and I just made it through the bathroom door when he shot at me. He missed me by that much (shows distance with her fingers).

“He almost did,” she said when Vlad asked, “He almost hit you?”

“He shot at me. He never tried to shoot me again. Thanks God. But the beatings were… it was a lot.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Michel’le revealed that Dre already had three children when she hooked up with him in the 1990s.

“When I met him, he had two women pregnant,” she explained. “One had just dropped, so there were two babies born within a year or so apart… when we had just started dating.

“He had three already. One had just came out and one was in the belly. That was five. Mine made #6. While I was with him, he had two more.”

She goes on to reveal that today, the hip-hop mogul has around 12 kids. “Maybe 10, 12, I don’t know.”

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