Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

After clinching their first division title in 39 years earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors continue their amazing run, as they match the franchise record for wins in a season.

Steph Curry scored 38 points and 10 assists, to lead his team to a 107-84 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night (March 27), giving them their 59th win of the season.

It was also the Warriors’ eighth straight victory, solidifying their hold on the top spot in the Western Conference.

“I think we executed offensively, for most of that game, the best we have in a while,” Curry said. “Obviously, we did what we did on defense, but the ball was moving all around and guys were making plays and it was just fun to watch and fun to play.”

The Grizzlies sit at the #2 spot in the Western Conference with a 50-23 record.