Win A Custom Record Player From Tuaca & #TuacaArt

Italian-bred liqueur brand Tuaca is launching its second annual #TuacaArt campaign.

The brand teamed up with a fame mixologist and a muralist to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail book using original recipes and artwork created on the spot… with a goal to inspire artists/fans to submit their napkin art for a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize.

In support of the competition, Tuaca has hooked us up with this custom Crosley Cruiser turntable, complete with a mini-bartender kit. It’s a three-speed portable turntable, constructed of wood and bound in a leatherette material and inside a briefcase. It features built-in stereo speakers, and comes in Tuaca orange.

Here’s how to enter. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure eligibility for the prize, entering on either Twitter, Facebook, or both. While winners do not need to enter at both social networks, there is an increased chance of winning if you submit through both channels.

Enter and submit a design via, and then share your links on social media, using the hashtag #TuacaArt and tag + follow the following profiles.



Entries will be open through mid-April. A winner will be notified shortly after.