Ludacris appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show this week, in support of his upcoming film, Furious 7.

In addition to the film, he’s dropping this first new album since 2010, entitled Ludaversal. In the interview, he explains his long hiatus from music, and declared that he will never take this long a break in music.

“I damn near dropped seven consecutive albums, so with that being said, I just wanted to take a little time off,” Ludacris explained. “I wanted to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to spend some of this money. By doing that, I kinda lost contact a little bit. So, I had to kinda bring myself back up.

“We all know how the music game is right now,” he continued. “Now, it’s like the attention span is… Outta sight, outta mind. Of course, people looking at me as more of a movie star than in music right now. What it was, I had to dig back in. That’s why I started putting out all these Ludaverses, ’cause once you hear your favorite rapper, you can hear it in his tone and his aggression, whether he’s still hungry or not. So, I had to start doing that.”

Elsehwere, Ludacris talks about his strong relationship with longtime manager Chaka Zulu, whom he still has no actual contract with, and his beginnings as a radio personality before breaking out as a rapper

Furious 7 drops April 3.