Chris Brown and Nia Guzman

Despite the flack he’s received over the news of his secret child, Chris Brown seems to be doing the right thing.

According to, the pop star plans to move Nia Guzman, the 31-year-old former model who he fathered a child with, to Los Angeles, so he can be closer to his child — 9-month-old Royalty.

Breezy has said that he will foot the bill for the home, and genuinely wants to be part of Royalty’s life, saying he’d like to see her every day.

Furthermore, TMZ says he’s in “negotiations” with Nia over support. He has been paying her more than he’d be required to by courts, but was upset after she began talking to the media about their relationship.

Brown planned to take her to court to work out a formal child support payment, which would reduce what he’s currently paying. However, sources say Chris has told Nia that if she moves to L.A., he won’t take her to court over child support.