Yelawolf unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming sophomore effort last week, entitled Love Story. Surprisingly, it had just one featured guest: Eminem.

The Shady Records rapper caught up with Complex at SXSW, during which he explained why he only chose to have Em, who is also executive-producing the effort, on his album.

“The record Marshall is on, honest to God, as soon as I recorded it, I was like, ‘Man, Marshall would sound great on this,’ ” Yelawolf says. “It really happened like that. It wasn’t some pitch or some gimmick. When people hear this song, they’re gonna f*cking bug out. Trust me. It’s gonna be a shocker.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Yela explained the concept of the album and the meaning behind the project’s title, and even declared that Love Story is going to be the album that “changes things” for him.

“The title came from just the passion to continue,” the rapper explained. “The story is my love for what I do. Love Story — it’s a play on words. My life and my music is my love story and that’s the only thing that keeps me doing what I do. It ain’t the money. It ain’t the fans. It’s not fame. It’s not whatever, it’s my personal passion. It’s my love for f*cking hearing music that I make. That creative space, man, it’s a high. It’s a constant buzz, man, getting in there and making records. I don’t think it’ll ever go away, man. I’ll do it until I’m gone. I think that Love Story is going to be the album that changes things for me.”

Love Story is scheduled for an April 21 release.