Jaymee Franchina - Drake On The Weekend (Mixtape)

Australian DJ, Jaymee Franchina, takes the vocals of Drake and mashes them up with fellow Canadian singer The Weeknd for his latest project, Drake On The Weeknd.

Jaymee came up with the idea to mix the artists after watching Drake live in concert in Perth. While driving homw from the concert, The Weeknd’s “High For This” came on his iPod playlist… and he started rapping “Over” by Drake on top of the Weeknd track. It sparked an idea and Jaymee went home and spent all night crafting this mash-up compilation.

“In the past, my projects have been more up tempo (eg: B.I.G. Flume) and I thought it was time to do a more chilled project, which is why I created this album,” he said. “In my opinion, I believe these two artists blended harmoniously with each other and compliments each other’s individual art of music.

The mixtape features 11 mash-up tracks. Download it now, via Bandcamp.

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