Dame Dash, Kanye West Buying Karmaloop Together?

Damon Dash

After recently partnering on a movie called Loisadas, Damon Dash and Kanye West are joining forces another for another venture — the acquisition of popular streetwear retailer, Karmaloop.

Dash took to his usual platform for all-things Dame on Monday (March 23), the Youtube channel Hip Hop Motivation, where he addressed the criticism over his recent interview with The Breakfast Club… and also revealed he and Ye’s plans.

“Me and Kanye are gonna buy Karmaloop,” he told host Kenyatta.

Dame says he has big plans for the streetwear platform too … and that’s to rival urban media giant Complex, a company he recently criticized. “I’m gonna put Complex outta business for f*cking with me. I don’t like that. It’s a war between me and them,” he said. “And, if they say I’m little, I’m not… Me and Kanye gonna go and snatch that up real quick.”

According to the serial entrepreneur, Complex lies… and takes advantage of their culture for the benefit of the owners. “I’m playing a different game,” Dash explained. “These people don’t really get it. But, it’s not for everybody. I don’t judge people. I just judge people that are lying about truth, especially when you have a big platform.”

Karmaloop also hinted at the deal on Twitter, tweeting a link to the interview, writing: “Kanyeloop?”

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