Bleu DaVinci

Hustle Simmons’ annual SXSW event Hustlepalooza had some issues on Friday (March 20), when he got into an altercation with Bleu DaVinci and his BMF crew.

Apparently, as DaVinci’s set was coming to a close, he tried to bring MMG signee Tracy T onto the stage, but Simmons wouldn’t allow it. In a video, obtained by VladTV, Simmons and DaVinci is seen exchanging words… and a member of his entourage eventually throws a punch, before others jump in.

After the fight, Simmons addressed the crowd, saying: “I put this sh*t on for y’all. $100,000 over the last six years. I don’t give a f*ck about a BMF, none of that motherf*cking sh*t! I’m a grown ass f*cking man. I don’t disrespect them, you don’t disrespect me. I’ll fight every n*gga on this motherf*cker. I ain’t never no b*tch!

“When you come to sh*t like this, respect this f*cking stage. Anywhere you go, act like a f*cking king or queen… this gangster sh*t is dead! I had to fight [Bleu’s] whole f*cking squad. I’m a grown ass man. Any of you n*ggas out there think I can’t throw these motherf*cking hands. Watch that f*cking video on Worldstar tomorrow!”