Tesla Model S

Tesla announced an upcoming software update for their Model S sedans, which brings an autopilot system, allowing for self-driving.

Brand chief Elon Musk said this week that their autonomous-driving software will be on the road this summer. The over-the-air update will provide an automatic-steering capability that will let drivers travel hands-free and allow the car to move without a driver.

Tesla has been testing the feature on a route from San Francisco to Seattle, “without the driver touching any controls at all,” Musk said.

“It is technically capable of going from parking lot to parking lot,” he said. “But we won’t be enabling that [specific capability] for users with this hardware suite, because we don’t think it’s likely to be safe in suburban neighborhoods.”

Tesla says users will have the ability to call your car with a tap on your smartphone or letting your Model S drive in and out a garage on its own.

Musk does add, however, that a driver should always pay attention… with or without autopilot.

“There’s certainly an expectation that when autopilot on the Model S is enabled, that you’re paying attention,” he said, so no falling asleep at the wheel. “But it should also take care of you if you have moments of distraction.”