Suge Knight

Suge Knight appeared in court on Friday (March 20), to attempt to have his bail reinstated, which was previously revoked… but ended up collapsing.

Knight’s lawyer Matthew Fletcher argued that his client be granted a reasonable bail amount, saying it was not a flight risk. Instead, it was set at $25 million. “If his name wasn’t Suge Knight, they wouldn’t have filed this case,” he said.

Moments later, Knight collapsed. “Just, bam,” Fletcher explained. “He’s unconscious right now.”

Los Angeles Fire Department officials were called and wheeled Suge, who was unconscious, out on a gurney.

His condition was unknown at press time, but Deputy Dist. Atty. Cynthia J. Barnes told the Los Angeles Times that she believed Suge “did it in front of the cameras.”

According to the paper’s report, Suge’s left shoulder was twitching during the hearing and he appeared to tense up.

The former hip-hop mogul’s health has been a concern since being jailed. While in custody, he’s been hospitalized, at least, three times for panic attacks and issues related to injuries he suffered during a shooting last summer.

Despite his condition and high bail, Barnes said she felt that a $25 million bail wasn’t high enough, citing his extensive run-ins with authorities. She also presented 300 pages of evidence, which detail more than two dozen police reports and an affidavit that implicate Knight in robberies, extortion, money laundering, assaults, witness intimidation and battery.

Suge is charged with both murder and attempted murder, and faces life in prison, in connection with a fatal hit-n-run incident in late January.