Suge Knight

Just over a week since the graphic video of Suge Knight’s fatal hit-n-run incident surfaced, new details in the case has emerged, which say he had been assaulted prior to the incident.

According to the New York Daily News, Cle “Bone” Sloan — the first man to be struck by Suge’s truck — told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that he had physically assaulted Knight before being run over by his truck.

“I f*cked him up!” said Sloan, who is currently hospitalized for injuries sustained during the incident.

Sloan allegedly told police that he and Suge got into had a verbal dispute at a prior location about three miles away. Shortly after, he spotted Suge at Tam’s Burgers in Los Angeles, where the second altercation took place.

“Sloan said he contacted Knight and began to punch him through the driver side window,” said the paper’s report. “Sloan stated Knight tried to exit the red Ford but was stopped by his punches.”

In the account he gave police, Sloan said he was walking away when he heard someone say, “Look out!” When he was trying to turn around, he was struck by Knight’s Ford F-150 Raptor truck.

Knight’s lawyer Matthew Fletcher tells the Daily News that it was Sloan who initiated both confrontations.

“Sloan is trying to exculpate himself, but all the while he’s just killing himself. It’s monumental,” Fletcher says. “What Sloan has done is admit he initiated this fight. Suge never exited his vehicle. He was accosted by Sloan who challenged him to fight.

“Sloan’s own words prove he drove across the entire city of Compton in order to have a confrontation with Mr. Knight,” Fletcher continued. “At some point in time the facts have to speak for themselves. There’s no reason Mr. Knight should be in jail. Mr. Sloan proved by his own words what his intentions were and what he accomplished.”