Google has introduced its all-new Chromebook Pixel notebook, improving on the last model for the best version yet.

While it wasn’t completely redesigned, the new laptop offers upgrades from its predecessor. It now charges faster and lasts longer, getting up to 12 hours on a full charge. It has more power, via Intel’s latest 5th generation i5 Core processor that helps push app performance boundaries and offers beautiful HD video and high-speed data transfer, thanks to its USB Type-C ports.

The new Chromebook also boasts the same multi-touch screen of the last model, with an improved sRGB color gamut, alongside the LED lightbar on the lid of the Pixel, which now brings a bit more functionality. When the lid is closed, you can now tap on the laptop and the lightbar will show you the current battery level; and also stays illuminated while the laptop is in use.

The new Google Chromebook Pixel starts at $999 USD for a Core i5 (2.2 GHz Broadwell-U) version with 8GB of RAM (up from 4GB in the original) and a 32GB SSD; and a $1,299 USD Core i7 version (2.4 GHz Broadwell-U) with 16GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. Both feature Intel’s HD Graphics 5500 GPU and weigh in at 3.3 lbs.

Head over to the Google Store to order yours.