Nike+ Running App Launch On Apple Watch

Nike+ Running App

After the announcement of the Apple Watch earlier this week, Nike followed with its own announcement: the Nike+ Running App.

The new fitness app will launch on the new smartwatch on April 24, giving users around the world more ways to connect with the global running community.

Nike+ Running App users will be able to access distance, duration and pace right on their Apple Watch. Plus, runners will see when friends send them a cheer, and with Bluetooth-enabled headphones, can listen to music wirelessly during runs.

“We took the best of Nike+ Running and built a seamless experience for Apple Watch customers,” said Stefan Olander, Nike VP of Nike+. “We’re pleased to be one of the first apps on Apple Watch allowing runners to connect, challenge, cheer and motivate their friends on this exciting new platform.”

While in use, glances on Apple Watch will allow Nike+ Running App users to get a quick view of the Nike+ leaderboard, so they can see where they stack up and how hard to push it on their next run, while Actionable Notifications will allow community to quickly send a cheer to a friend on the run, even from the Lock Screen.

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