Kendrick Lamar

After announcing the title and release date for his anticipated album [Untitled] on Friday (March 6), Kendrick Lamar checked in with Real 92.3 host Big Boy to discuss the forthcoming project briefly.

The radio host congratulated the Compton rapper for winning two Grammy awards for his track “i,” before asking why he did not attend the ceremony.

“I had to turn that album in,” Kendrick explained. “I was on a deadline, on the clock.

“It’s crazy, as a kid I never thought of no Grammy,” Kendrick continued. “As a kid, writing raps that was way over my head. Just to be accomplished with any award it can be BET awards or anything, it’s a compliment to me.”

As for his thoughts on the album, he simply said, “It’s great.”

You can listen to Real 92. 3 via iHeartRadio here.