Just over a decade since dropping 2004 classic, Purple Haze, Cam’ron announced that the sequel would before year’s end.

During an interview with REVOLT, the Harlem rapper revealed plans to begin recording Purple Haze 2 soon for a potential December release.

“I’m getting ready to go on tour in March, April for the Diplomat tour,” he said. “Then in May, Cam’Ron by himself is going overseas. Then I start shooting Percentage 2 and 3 in June and July. Then, the end of July the Diplomat album coming out, then I start working on Purple Haze 2 for this December. So that’s what’s going on for this year.”

As he recalled the original, Cam explained how the first album came about, calling it his “favorite.”

“My favorite album that I ever recorded, it would probably be Purple Haze,” said Cam. “I was staying out here, I was staying in Chicago at that time. I was staying in Ohio. I was back in New York, I was all over the place so I got to see a bunch of different cultures. I always travel but I never sat down in one other state for more than two, three weeks. I was living in Chicago for three years. I was living in Ohio for five years. Just meeting different people from parts of the United States while I was doing that album was pretty dope.”

Last year, Cam’ron first revealed plans for the sequel album, also adding that it would be his last.

“Yeah, It’s a wrap. Time to move on,” he told Miss Info. “Movies and clothing are doing really well for me right now. I’m helping Mendeecees [Yandy’s husband from Love & Hip Hop NY] with his album. And… I’m building a club in Vegas.”