Redd's Introduces Green Apple Ale & Wicked Mango

Flavored ale brand Redd’s has introduced a pair of new options to its repertoire: Green Apple Ale and Wicked Mango.

Redd’s Green Apple Ale is a light-golden beer that serves up a dose of green apple flavor, which it says is an exceptional balance of crisp and tart. It boasts five percent alcohol by volume, as well as a clean, slightly dry, yet smooth finish.

Its new cousin, Redd’s Wicked Mango, offers a rich, golden color and bold mango flavor rooted in crisp apple tones at eight percent alcohol by volume. While the flavor starts out strong, it finishes smooth for “an easy drinkability and a refreshingly hard kick of taste,” the brand says in a press release.

Both Redd’s flavors are available now at retailers nationwide.