Bobby Shmurda Says He Wants 50 Cent To Be His Manager

Bobby Shmurda

Incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda called into Hot 97 for the second time since been locked up to discuss his situation further.

During his eight-minute phone call, GS9 affiliate Rowdy Rebel talked about the controversy surrounding Bobby’s label, Epic Records, who many believed would put up the $2 million bail set for both members

“No doubt, they ready to make $20 million, $40 million off of us,” Rowdy said on-air. “Epic has been supporting us. It’s really Sony [the parent company]. They’re lying saying they really can’t do nothing. It’s really Sony.”

Bobby would get on the phone shortly after, saying that he’s looking for a new manager because his current manager is doing him dirty while he’s in jail and unable to do anything about it. He revealed that he’s been trying to get in contact with 50 Cent for “some management.”

“Sup from Slobucks came and tried to check me,” Bobby said, regarding those who have reached out to him. “He tried to get me out, but the insurer that he had wasn’t good. That’s it right now. Meek Mill just sent me some mail. I’m trying to get his address right now to send back.”

Later, before signing off, Bobby proclaims he’s behind bars because of “bias and racism.”

“I come from a nasty neighborhood where cops don’t like the people from where I’m from,” he says. “They’ve been after me for a whole long time for nothing. I didn’t even do nothing, just because of the neighborhood I come from. It’s nasty.

“They don’t like the fact that I made it out the neighborhood,” he continues. “They don’t like the fact that I’m a young black kid. It’s crazy it’s bias and racism right now. If you go to that court room and sit in that court room and see what’s going on, it’s racism and bias going on.”

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