Irish Spring Signature Collection

Iconic hygiene brand Irish Spring has introduced a new line of body washes and soaps, dubbed the Signature Collection.

The new line is specially-crafted to combine the fresh, distinctive fragrances of Irish Spring with authentic ingredients to give fellas a fresh feelings and scent. The collection consists of four new products: the Hydrating Body Wash, made with authentic shea butter extract; 3-in-1 Body Wash; Hydrating Bar Soap; and Exfoliating Scrub Bar Soap.

Additionally, in support of their new “Signature” products, Irish Spring has partnered up with expert graphologists at the Graphology Consulting Group for the creation of an interactive tool to analyze your signature.

To give it a try, guys can visit to get their signature analyzed for a chance to win a trip to see their favorite football players get drafted in Chicago.

If you do get your John Hancock decoded, be sure to share it on your social channels using the hashtag #IrishSpringSignature.