Fat Joe, Remy Ma Reunite On-Stage At BX Fight Club

After revealing that she had reconciled with Fat Joe while incarcerated a year ago, Remy Ma officially reunited on-stage with her former Terror Squad boss over the weekend for the first time in 10 years.

The pair hit the stage together at the BX Fight Club, performing the group’s 2004 smash hit, “Lean Back.”

“It’s been like 10 years since we did ‘Lean Back’ together,” Joe told the crowd. “I said, ‘Yo Remy, I got a phone call’ and the n*gga said I need you at that BX Fight Club. I said, ‘Yo I gotta bring out the queen of the BX.

“Life is precious. Enjoy this moment. It might be the last time you see us up here.”