Amber Rose

A Gothic hip-hop artist, who has been charged with killing a London breakdancer with illegal booty injections, claims Amber Rose is among her celebrity clientele to get butt shots.

According to AP, Black Madam (real name: Padge-Victoria Windslowe) claims Rose started receiving injections from her before rising to fame as Kanye West’s girlfriend… all the way up until her victim’s 2011 death at an airport hotel.

During her trial, Windslowe said Kanye West dropped Rose off for one procedure when the two were dating and that she was supposed to perform a “correction” on Nicki Minaj that never happened.

“Amber was like a walking billboard,” she said of Rose. “She brought a lot of girls from VH1.”

She also claimed her clients ranged from rappers to strippers to fellow transgender women who paid to plump their booties.

Rose or Nicki Minaj have commented on the claims.