Big Sean

With Big Sean’s new album Dark Sky Paradise in stores now, some fans have stumbled upon a phone number on the “Outro” track… which is apparently the rapper’s real number.

“N*ggas say I changed, how they damn, how they do / Say I’m hard to get in contact with, oh is that true?/ Well what about now? 3-1-3-5-1-5-8-7-7-2, bitch call me,” the rapper spits to close out the song.

During a recent interview with MTV, Sean explains why he did it.

“Cause people can get in contact with me,” he said. “I answered a lot of calls. I be texting people back, I be following people, ’cause that’s a direct connection. Y’all got my number. N*ggas tryna say I changed, all this stuff, like ‘Here’s my f*cking number man.’

“I gave my phone number out at the end, and my phone been off the hook. It’s been ringing so much that I try calling it and it don’t go through. I get so much texts and calls, but I’mma keep that phone on for as long as I can.”

So, fans give it a try: 313-515-8772. Let us know how it goes.