After making headlines for recently striking a female during a performance, Afroman announces that he’s retiring.

The 40-year-old musician took to Facebook on Monday (Feb. 23) to address the recent incident, apologizing to the victim, and announcing his retirement.

He begins by recalling past incidents where fans have stepped on stage “grabbing the mics, spilling beer on equipment and ruining a show,” so he has demanded venues to prevent this via security to no avail.

“I had a special clause put in my performance contracts that demands security watch stage and politely discourage anyone from jumping on stage,” Afroman wrote. “In my 15 years of performing, I noticed once one person jumps on stage, 100 people jump on stage.”

He then goes on to reveal financial problems he’s been facing thanks to unpaid taxes and money he claims was stolen by the DEA, leading to frustration and boiling over into actually striking a fan.

On Dec-4-2011 the st Charles county police dept in Missouri pulled me over and took all of the money I earned from the shows. When I asked them why they claimed I was a drug dealer. I told them I was a Grammy nominated singer/rapper they chuckled and Stuck to their suspicions. Before I got pulled over I gave a couple thousand to my mom and use some for myself I was down to 64,000. The DEA reported 54,000 indicating to me that either the St. Charles Police Department or the DEA stole 10,000 unreported dollars from me. Lloyd Cueto a lawyer I hired at the time took the DEA all of my tax records , and tax returns , musician plaques verification that I am a taxpaying working citizen of the United States verifying I made two to $300,000 a year legitimizing why I might have $64,000 of cash on me. After all of that the DEA refuses to give me my hard earned money back. Since I owed back taxes I figured the DEA would turn the money over to the IRS. The IRS fully aware that the DEA is illegally holding money and that they illegally robbed from me on the side of the 70 freeway 12-4-11. yet and still the IRS refuses to ask the DEA for the money. One branch of the government is telling me to pay my taxes the other branch of the government is Robbing the money I’m trying to pay my taxes with.

While I was paying unfair taxes working for the IRS I was also getting frustrated at a lack of security at a lot of my shows. We go over everything over and over again on the phone then when I performing the whole crowd jumps on the stage pours beer all over everything and I have to buy equipment the next day instead of make a profit. I figured everything would come together in due time I underestimated the frustration and anger in my life coming from everywhere and I tried to work and make everything work out. In my frustrating ambitious efforts ,the IRS , DEA , lack of security and other pressures in my life have busted my pipes to the point where I have disrespected another human being twice.

Afroman is best known for his 2000 hit single, “Because I Got High”.