Charlamagne Tha God

“The Breakfast Club” radio hot, Charlamagne Tha God, sits down with Larry King on his new series, Larry King Now, during which he discusses a range of current topics.

During the interview, Charlamagne talks about hip-hop’s influence on the youth, his current relationships with Kanye West and mentor Wendy Williams, Ye being contradictory, his feelings on the Grammys and Iggy Azalea’s success, and his support of Hilary Clinton for President.

As for hip-hop, he explained to Larry King why rappers perpetuate the “thug life” stereotype associated with their genre and what effect it has on young fans. “I think art is a reflection of life. And you know, I think it’s a lot of social issues that we haven’t dealt with as a person that cause our people to gravitate towards the thug life or the gangster lifestyle, and we do express it through our music, and that music does reinforce it because, when you see people that are celebrating the drug culture or celebrating the gang culture, it makes it look cool.”

Charlamagne also admits that he will vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, simply because she is a woman. “I love novelty in my presidents, you know what I’m saying? The first time I ever voted was for Barack Obama. And, you know, I voted for him because he was a black man who seemed like he was speaking to me and my generation, and 2016 I’m gonna do the same thing for Hillary ’cause I like Bill and she supports Barack, and she’s a woman. I can’t go back to just a plain white president.”