The stories artist recount from the road are among the most entertaining, whether it be unbelievable or simply bizarre.

Former D12 member Bizarre recently recalled a funny story during an interview with Vlad TV, when he was tripping on shrooms and ran into Eminem.

“I took some shrooms in St. Louis, Missouri and Marshall (Eminem), he was coming back from sound check I guess,” he remembered. “And, I guess they was a couple miles away from the hotel and they said they seen me walking down the street and they pulled up on me and Marshall was like, ‘What is you doing? Why you out here?’ And they said that I told them that I was going to join a gang.”

Later, during the interview, he had a message to his fans. “Ladies and gentlemen, please leave drugs alone,” said Bizarre. “It’s not for everybody.”

Bizarre is currently in the studio working on his next album, entitled Dab Life, which is due out in September.