Tyga and Chris Brown

Amber Rose said Tyga should be ashamed for himself for dating Kylie Jenner, Tyga denied that he and the teenager were romantic, and Kanye West followed by saying they were in love. So, what’s the deal?

Tyga spoke with Hot 97 on Friday (Feb. 20), alongside Chris Brown, and responded to Ye’s claims, sticking to his story that he (who is 25) and Kylie (who is 17) are just good friends.

“If I love her and I love her as a person, then that’s me. Nobody else gotta deal with that,” the rapper said. “The more your friendship grows, it keeps growing. It’s all about a friendship, that’s all it is. People say anything.”

Elsewhere in the interview, both Tyga and Brown addressed their issues with Drake, essentially saying he’s fake.

“[Rappers] get a voice, then that voice is super fake,” said Chris. “They give you an interview just like this, then when you see us, it’s like, ‘Uhh… no.’

“It’s about being genuine,” added Tyga, before admitted that he thought they were cool before. “Yea, we was [cool with each other]. I thought we was too. That’s the game though. That’s just people who camouflage with this sh*t.”

Also in the interview, the duo also talk about their Fan Of A Fan album, the “Between The Sheets Tour,” and Amber Rose, whom Chris says he’s strictly friends with, despite grinding on each other in a club.

“It’s friendly. I know that wouldn’t go anywhere further than that. But, as a man, I’d be stupid as hell to not get on that. She twerking,” said Chris.